Team coaching

how to become a "we" and succeed

Why do we have teams? Is there a common reason? And is there a common goal? Did we come together voluntarily, or were we "appointed"? Who knows the difference between a group and a team?


These are just some of the questions that can be considered in teamwork. Team coaching often means learning (or relearning) to communicate with each other and understanding one's role in the team. Being a team member does not mean that everyone does the same thing, and it certainly does not mean that one person should work more or less, or that work can be compared among each other.


Personal issues are another aspect that can affect teamwork and work in general. As much as we believe we can separate personal from professional matters, many discrepancies are deeply ingrained and influence any decisions we make or evoke hidden emotions in unexpected situations.


According to literature, there is an ideal team size: seven members. These members are assigned different tasks and roles within the team, and direct, successful communication without detours is still possible. This approach is often interesting to explore within a team, and works of course also for bigger or smaller teams.


We coach teams ranging from 2 to 12 members; for more than 12 participants, enough space and time should be allocated. This can be discussed individually with us.


Coaching takes place in neutral premises: either in our offices in Meiningen or Erfurt, or in another specified neutral place. It is important for coaching sessions to step out of the work environment to gain a sustainable effect.


We also offer seminar days in neutral venues, which provide the necessary space for participants to get to know each other better and for certain topics to be worked on in more detail.


There is also the option to conduct an experiential team coaching day in Großkochberg - further information available here.