"Understand, what you see in front of you,

and the hidden will be revealed."

-- Sergio Bambaren --

Our coaching is holistic, and yet very simple: we strive to understand and reflect our client/s, give a frame where change and development can take place and do this with one of the most crucial methods in human communication: listening.


So coaching equals another, because no person equals another person; we all are individuals, and just like this we see our coachings to be individual and very specific.


... embodies the art of guiding individuals, offering a form of assistance for self-improvement; it serves as a platform for ideas, providing support for individuals navigating through transformative journeys of life. Coaching means also the acceptance, that one cannot change anything in others, nor fully grasp every facet of their being. At its core lies an exploration of accountability - who carries it and who is responsible for whom and what. Through coaching, the unconscious may be brought to light, deepening the understanding and awareness.

Why coaching?

Coaching can help to gain distance from the situation. Broadly speaking, it involves stepping out of an extreme situation to gain a different perspective and resolve blockages. Many people identify themselves with their work and possessions; we aim to encourage everyone to engage with the questions 'Who am I?' and 'What do I want?

Our coachings

Business and leadership coaching

Matching goals


Business and executive coaching is most in demand when there are discrepancies between employees, teams, and upper management on a personal and/or professional level. A collaborative, objective analysis of the problem is then desirable.

Team coaching

How to become a "we" and succeed


Being a team often proves to be a greater challenge than one might initially think. Clear and open communication that is also actively listened to, mutual respect, and defined role distribution are just a few of the aspects to consider.

Teambuilding: event-based coaching

Teambuilding with a twist: Through a tailored combination of experiential coaching methods indoors and outdoors, cohesion, communication, openness, and acceptance among team members are stimulated.

Individual coaching

Getting to the bottom of the cause


Every person is unique, and therefore, every problem is unique as well. In coaching, we don't combat problems; instead, we search for their root causes to understand them and consequently transform them.

Coaching with horses

Tracking the soul


A horse mirrors our soul. It is said to be a being that lives in several dimensions simultaneously and therefore possesses a particularly high sensitivity. Working with horses gives us the opportunity to better understand ourselves.

Partner coaching

Together - a strong team


Love, respect, communication - in our opinion, these are the prerequisites for a happy relationship. In individual or couples sessions, these and other topics can be discussed to rediscover closeness and connection.