Business and leadership coaching

Balancing between personal and entrepreneurial goals

Leadership in companies is often taken for granted and assumed to be present. The delicate art of psychological insight, employee motivation, and above all, the satisfaction of personal goals in relation to corporate objectives, is often overlooked or even suppressed. Why one ultimately has to deal with this as a boss becomes evident at the latest with increased employee turnover, a decline in contribution margin, longer project processing times with constant workload, and similar issues.


To resolve discrepancies, communication with each other is important. Personal and professional goals are discussed and ideally aligned with each other. Because what can motivate someone better at work than a personally set goal? What happens to an employee's effectiveness when they are driven not only by salary but also by the work and the associated project or corporate goal?


Every communication requires some preparation - what do I want to achieve, what am I willing to give for it, what resources are available to me, what deadlines are set, etc. That means, first and foremost, I work with myself. We offer support in both preparatory considerations and the development of goals at the leadership level and in teams, as well as through guided mediation sessions in which teams and leadership can communicate with each other and find solutions together.


Ideally, coaching sessions take place once a month for 120 minutes outside of the workplace.